About DeWitt Laboratories

Makers of High Quality Vitamins and Supplements

Dewitt Laboratories’ mission is simple: make technology an asset for your health, not a problem. Too many times we have seen vendors recommend solutions that are not appropriate for a specific individual's health needs. As a result, we do not provide advertising nor do we issue specific recommendations in regards to any of our Vitamins and Supplements, as we strongly believe that to be the prerogative of your health care professional.

In addition, we restrict our supply exclusively to products commonly prescribed by health care professionals. We do not manufacture nor do we distribute vitamins and supplements that have not been reviewed in mainstream Western medical literature.

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Our commitment to ensuring quality begins with our manufacturing process. We manufacture all of our products in the United States at FDA audited facilities in a fiscally responsible manner. This helps us to offer such high quality and Affordable Supplements and contributes to the personal and social well-being of the patients and community which it serves.

For information regarding our quality control process, please visit our Quality Control page. To learn about our manufacturing practices and how we can make such high quality and affordable supplements, visit our Manufacturing page.

The Dewitt Laboratories Board of Directors sets policy and oversees the direction of the corporation and the utilization of its resources, as well as holds administration accountable for policy implementation, sound business practices and fiscal responsibility. Annual assessment of its mission enables DeWitt Laboratories to ensure a continuing meaningful commitment to its community.

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